Msasa Audio Visual Ltd

Home automation


Have you ever fancied being able to create lighting scenes for different activities and activate those scenes at the touch of a button? Well fancy no longer for all this and more is possible with our home-automation solutions and the results are illuminating.

Use subtle lighting changes to set the mood of your living room. Create lighting scenes for entertaining, watching films, listening to music, reading, playing bridge, sewing, doing jig-saw puzzles… you get the picture.
Curtains and Blinds

Take your lighting control one step further and add control to curtains and blinds, either including them into a lighting scene, or giving them independent control.
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Integrating HVAC fully into a system adds a range of benefits, from regulating temperatures accurately for your comfort, to reducing energy bills as unnecessary energy expenditure is cut to a minimum.
Hidden Screens

The stuff of yesterday's James Bond movies is possible in your home today. With room designs demanding clean lines and uncluttered space, hidden screens help combine the styling of a room and extend its functionality.

At this point, the number of things to be controlled has grown; it's time to put some logic into the system, tailored to your requirements and lifestyle. Your laborious and repetitive jobs are automated, and simple control is given for otherwise more complicated tasks. When leaving the house a single ‘Away’ button can perform all the little button pushes you would normally go through:
  • Put the lights into an away mode that makes it look like you are at home by switching the lights on and off at appropriate times.
  • Reduce the heating and air conditioning saving you electricity while maintaining a suitable temperature to avoid problems with humidity or freezing.
  • Turn off all the music around the house and open the garage door.
And when you come home – the 'Home' button reverses the whole process.

The options for home automation are limited only by the imagination.