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Fear not if your preferred equipment is not listed below, we have access to far too many products to list on this website. The core products here have emerged over time as our recommendations. Having tried and tested many products and devices in the industry this is the kit that has the reliability, and functionality that we require to provide performance systems for you.


Ultimate control

Crestron brings together all the different technologies, such as TV, music, lighting and door entry systems, and presents them to the end user in a single, clear and easy to use interface.
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Philips - Universal Remote Control

All-in-one control

With these touchscreen remotes we can clean up your coffee table and get all those remotes into one control unit with a customised interface that everyone can use with ease.

With the all-in-one remote you can perform several functions with the touch of a single button, making more time for enjoying your system and less time trying to juggle all the remotes.
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Living Control - Crestron

Multi-room audio & visual

Living Control routes high quality audio with high quality video around the house, and gives you control of what you are watching or listening to in each room with a single keypad mounted discretely on the wall. Each of your audio and visual sources – Radio, CD, hard drive music collection – can be accessed and controlled independently of each other. The LED display on the keypad allows you to access and chose your radio stations or albums by name.
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Genelec - Artcoustic - Boston - SpeakerCraft - Monitor Audio - REL


These speakers have gained our favour over years of trying different products and, while personal taste is a major factor when selecting speakers, we recommend the following because they have provided us with products that are consistently well designed, well made, and most importantly sound better than the competition.

Genelec – for when the ultimate sound is required and no compromises can be made; Genelec speakers are used in studios to master the music and movie soundtracks we listen to at home.
Artcoustic – not many speaker manufacturers can boast a performance good enough to use in commercial venues and cinemas and still be able to fit into the most sophisticated houses designed today.
Boston – small speakers that beat the high street competition hands down.
SpeakerCraft – masters of in-wall and ceiling speakers with a number of inventive solutions.
Monitor Audio – a large range of hi-fi speakers including slim and small speakers that perform well while fitting in around living areas where large speakers are impractical.
REL – for that low down help in movies and musically adept as well.
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InFocus - Loewe - Stewart


InFocus - a range of DLP projectors from an inexpensive single chip DLP projector through to a very serious 3 chip DLP.
Loewe - clean contemporary looks with performance that outclasses other screens
Stewart - the best projector screens on the market.

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Imerge - AudioRequest

HD music servers

Two hard disk drive products which have their differences, allowing us to offer you greater flexibility in the way your system works.
Imerge offers a compact, multi-zone and standalone solution for storing your music within your house, and AudioRequest allows you to link up your music collection between homes, and systems.
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LexiconDenon - Pioneer


The forerunners in electronics innovation, these products have been tried and tested for years and combine affordability, solid builds, ease of use and – most important - performance.
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Speaker cable and interconnects

Preserving the purity of signal is always an important aspect of our designs and for this there is only one answer: Nordost - one of the world’s best producers of speaker cabling that will help your system achieve its full potential.
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Future Automation - Helvar - Rako - Smart Kontrols

Home automation, lighting & blinds, HVAC

We use Future Automation products to automate your screen – have it extend down from the ceiling, up from the kitchen counter or the foot of bed, or any place you want it out of way and available on demand.
Helvar lighting control we recommend for new builds while Rako makes retro fitting houses for lighting and curtain control a snip.
Smart Kontrols – the market leaders in high end HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) control. Smart Kontrols provide a control solution that manages all the heating and cooling elements of your household, resulting in accurate and comfortable temperature control with energy efficiency.
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Apollo - Arca - Atacama - Mid Atlantic Racking - Sound Organisation - Soundstyle

Racking, cable management, equipment housing

Apollo – clean cut, no nonsense hi-fi furniture with enormous flexibility
Arca – traditional hi-fi cabinets built to accommodate modern technology
Atacama – speaker and hi-fi stands
Mid Atlantic Racking – have a trick up their sleeve for everything including sliding out racks on tracks and custom cut faceplates that ensure your equipment looks its best
Sound Organisation – hi-fi storage units
Soundstyle – hi-fi and home cinema furniture

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