Msasa Audio Visual Ltd

Case study 1 - Home cinema

The brief

Sound - Upgrade the existing pro-logic 5.1 home theatre system to an up-to-date 7.1 system.

Vision - Replace the aging plasma screen with a new, Hi-def screen and add a projector and screen for the ultimate experience.

Replace the small handheld all in one remote for one that is more user-friendly.

The installation

The new and expanded range of equipment needed to be re-housed in an enclosure that would not dominate the room, without any cabling visible - not even a single IR emitter mounted on the front of the equipment was permitted.

With the upgrade came higher specification cabling, mains conditioning, and a sound dampened ventilation system. Control for this would be handled by Crestrons latest addition to its wireless range – the TCP-MC10.

The finished installation

The equipment is housed in a sliding Mid Atlantic rack system.

The screen and centre speakers have been recessed into the front wall with a Stewart screen, housed behind a trap door, lowering over the screen and stopping just short of the centre speaker.

The plasma and projector are both fed with digital signals from the DVD player and will be ready for Sky’s Hi-def transmissions when they are broadcast in 2006.

Hidden cabling is at the ready to plug in additional sources ranging from laptops, digital cameras or camcorders to a PlayStation.

All accessed by a single button on the Crestron touch panel remote, which offers a large and easy to use interface – incorporating feedback from the processors settings – that can be used to access the internet and reset the SKY box should it freeze up.